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Turicard is the most user-centric destination pass you will ever get to use. This is because our goal is to enable you to have the best travel experience of your life as a tourist. By choosing Turicard, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Extensive selection of tourist attractions You do not want to leave the holidays wishing you had visited more places if only you had the right pass. Turicard offers you a wide range of tours and attraction sites to visit during your travels for an optimal tourist experience.

Maximum Convenience Do you want a relaxed, seamless, and stress-free travel experience? Then Turicard’s got you. You won’t have to queue in lines just to get a chance to visit your favorite tourist attractions. Just snap your fingers and voila! You are in!

Affordability Get the best tourist experience while enjoying better price rates than you would without a destination pass. With Turicard, you will travel more, and still save more! You will also get group discounts if you travel together with loved ones!

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23 oct 2022
Turicard is the best!

Always wanted to visit Mexico but couldn’t afford it easily.

Andrew Davis
23 oct 2022
Would definitely recommend

Turicard also makes planning easier and enjoyable.

David Rodriguez
23 oct 2022
Turicard is the coolest city pass ever

Makes touring my dream destinations very convenient

Laura Williams